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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Dajsuren, dr. Y. PDEng ST OBP MF 5.080 B +31 40-247 2759 Email to Dajsuren, dr. Y. PDEng
Damen, L.A. MSc PDPDS TOIO MDB 3. Email to Damen, L.A. MSc
Dang, T.K.N. MSc CASA PhD Stud. MF 7.086 +31 40-247 5791 Email to Dang, T.K.N. MSc
Dashnyam, M. MSc ST TOIO MF 5.082 Email to Dashnyam, M. MSc
De Almeida Calheiros, G. MSc ST TOIO MF 5.086 +31 40-247 4334 Email to De Almeida Calheiros, G. MSc
Deng, dr. Y. STO_1 PD MF 4.118 +31 40-247 5062 Email to Deng, dr. Y.
Denisov, V.V. MSc IS-WSK&I PhD Stud. MF 7.109 +31 40-247 4065 Email to Denisov, V.V. MSc
Di Bucchianico, dr. A. STO UHD MF 4.120 +31 40-247 2902 Email to Di Bucchianico, dr. A.
Dijk, drs. E.R.H. van CASA_1 Secretary MF 7.092 +31 40-247 2753 Email to Dijk, drs. E.R.H. van
Dingen, D.J.W.G.M. A&V PhD Stud. MF 4.062 +31 40-247 2156 Email to Dingen, D.J.W.G.M.
Dixit, P.M. MSc IS-WSK&I PhD Stud. MF 7.108 Email to Dixit, P.M. MSc
Dongen, B.F. van IS-WSK&I HGL MF 7.103 +31 40-247 2181 Email to Dongen, B.F. van
Donkers, H.T. A&V PhD Stud. MF 4.103 +31 40-247 5463 Email to Donkers, H.T.
Doulgerakis, E. MSc DM PhD Stud. MF 6.142 +31 40-247 5251 Email to Doulgerakis, E. MSc
Draisma, J. DM HGL MF 6.145 Email to Draisma, J.
Drebot, A. MSc PDPDS TOIO MDB 0. Email to Drebot, A. MSc
Drent, C. MSc STO PhD Stud. MF 4.86 Email to Drent, C. MSc
Driemel, dr. A. IS-WSK&I UD MF 7.073 +31 40-247 2496 Email to Driemel, dr. A.
Driesmans, N. MSc OWB OBP MF 5.100 Email to Driesmans, N. MSc
Drift, dr. R.C. van der BESTUUR W&I OBP MF 5.059 +31 40-247 4514 Email to Drift, dr. R.C. van der
Du, X. IS-WSK&I OBP MF 7.111 Email to Du, X.
Duits, R. CASA UHD MF 7.072 +31 40-247 2859 Email to Duits, R.
Duivesteijn, dr. W. IS-WSK&I UD MF 7.145 +31 40-247 4008 Email to Duivesteijn, dr. W.
Dupont, G.F.C. MSc SENS PhD Stud. MF 6.109 +31 40-247 5121 Email to Dupont, G.F.C. MSc

Total persons: 24