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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Kaasschieter, dr. E.F. CASA_1 OWP MF 7.080B +31 40-247 2724 Email to Kaasschieter, dr. E.F.
Kamath, A.G. MSc ASD TOIO MF 5.079 +31 40-247 3908 Email to Kamath, A.G. MSc
Kamperman, drs. J.J. DPO OBP MF 5.070 +31 40-247 4315 Email to Kamperman, drs. J.J.
Kapodistria, dr. S. STO UD MF 4.071B +31 40-247 5825 Email to Kapodistria, dr. S.
Karkhanis, P.D. MSc MDSE PhD Stud. MF 6.083 Email to Karkhanis, P.D. MSc
Karmas, K. MSc ST TOIO MF 0. Email to Karmas, K. MSc
Kebede, Y.Z. MSc PDPDS TOIO MDB 0. Email to Kebede, Y.Z. MSc
Keijsper, dr. J.C.M. DM OWP MF 4.097B +31 40-247 5583 Email to Keijsper, dr. J.C.M.
Khalak, Y.V. BSc CASA PhD Stud. MF 7.144 +31 40-247 7357 Email to Khalak, Y.V. BSc
Khalate, S.R. MSc ASD TOIO MF 5.079 +31 40-247 3908 Email to Khalate, S.R. MSc
Khodier, M.M.S.A. MSc PDPDS TOIO MDB 0. Email to Khodier, M.M.S.A. MSc
Khoshrou, dr. S. IS-WSK&I PD MF 7.065 Email to Khoshrou, dr. S.
Khosravi, G. MSc ST TOIO MF 5.086 +31 40-247 4334 Email to Khosravi, G. MSc
Kisfaludi-Bak, S. MSc A&V PhD Stud. MF 4.100 +31 40-247 2149 Email to Kisfaludi-Bak, S. MSc
Klabbers, ir. M.D. PDO OBP MF 5.093 +31 40-247 3519 Email to Klabbers, ir. M.D.
Klein, T.J. BDC OWP MF 5. Email to Klein, T.J.
Klooster - Derks, J.G.W. DM Secretary MF 6.101 +31 40-247 2254 Email to Klooster - Derks, J.G.W.
Knippenberg, ing. M.S. van SENS OBP MF 7.111 Email to Knippenberg, ing. M.S. van
Knopper, ir. J.W. DM OBP MF 6.095 +31 40-247 4346 Email to Knopper, ir. J.W.
Kochanthara, S. MDSE PhD Stud. MF 6.083 Email to Kochanthara, S.
Koimtzoglou, D. MSc PDPDS TOIO MDB 0. Email to Koimtzoglou, D. MSc
Kolay, dr. S. A&V PD MF 4.143 +31 40-247 4626 Email to Kolay, dr. S.
Kolumban, dr. S. STO PD MF 4.070 +31 40-247 3797 Email to Kolumban, dr. S.
Komjathy, dr. J. STO UD MF 4.076 +31 40-247 2268 Email to Komjathy, dr. J.
Kondrashov, D. MSc ST TOIO MF 5.082 Email to Kondrashov, D. MSc
Koorn, P.M. EURANDOM OBP MF 4.081 +31 40-247 8100 Email to Koorn, P.M.
Koren, B. CASA_1 HGL MF 7.091 +31 40-247 2080 Email to Koren, B.
Kostitsyna, dr. I. A&V UD MF 4.102 +31 40-247 5645 Email to Kostitsyna, dr. I.
Kowalczyk, dr. D. DM_1 PD MF 4.145 Email to Kowalczyk, dr. D.
Krishnakumari, P.K. MSc PDPDS TOIO MDB 0. Email to Krishnakumari, P.K. MSc
Kuiper, dr. R. MDSE UD MF 6.089 +31 40-247 4122 Email to Kuiper, dr. R.
Kyrtsis, P. MSc ST TOIO MF 5.082 Email to Kyrtsis, P. MSc

Total persons: 32