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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Saeed, A. MSc SENS PhD Stud. MF 6.106 Email to Saeed, A. MSc
Sainbileg, M. ST TOIO MF 5.086 +31 40-247 4334 Email to Sainbileg, M.
Salih, M.A.A. ST TOIO MF 5.5.086 Email to Salih, M.A.A.
Saluja, J.S. ST TOIO MF 5.086 Email to Saluja, J.S.
Sari, dr. J.K. STO PD MF 4.118 +31 40-247 5062 Email to Sari, dr. J.K.
Sarneizehdoost, S. MSc ASD TOIO MF 5.079 +31 40-247 3908 Email to Sarneizehdoost, S. MSc
Satria, D. MSc ST TOIO MF 5.086 +31 40-247 4334 Email to Satria, D. MSc
Scharpach, W.L.J. MSc CASA PhD Stud. MF 7.088 Email to Scharpach, W.L.J. MSc
Scheffers, ir. E.T.J. MDSE OBP MF 6.088 +31 40-247 2865 Email to Scheffers, ir. E.T.J.
Schellekens, J.W. BURO W&I OBP MF 3.096 +31 40-247 4401 Email to Schellekens, J.W.
Schiffelers, R.R.H. MDSE UD MF 0. Email to Schiffelers, R.R.H.
Schilders, prof.dr. W.H.A. CASA_1 HGL MF 5.095 +31 40-247 5518 Email to Schilders, prof.dr. W.H.A.
Schlottke, M.C. MSc CASA PhD Stud. MF 7.123 +31 40-247 4202 Email to Schlottke, M.C. MSc
Schoenmakers, L.A.M. DM UHD MF 6.105 +31 40-247 4769 Email to Schoenmakers, L.A.M.
Schol, C. MSc STO PhD Stud. MF 4.067 Email to Schol, C. MSc
Segers, ir. A.J.M. DM_1 PhD Stud. MF 6.144 Email to Segers, ir. A.J.M.
Sengers, H.J.C.E. MSc CASA PhD Stud. MF 7.077 Email to Sengers, H.J.C.E. MSc
Serebrenik, dr. A. MDSE UHD MF 6.087 +31 40-247 3595 Email to Serebrenik, dr. A.
Shahrivari Joghan, H. MSc IS-WSK&I PhD Stud. MF 7.064 Email to Shahrivari Joghan, H. MSc
Shao, W. ST TOIO MF 5.086 Email to Shao, W.
Sharma, A. MSc ASD TOIO MF 5.079 +31 40-247 3908 Email to Sharma, A. MSc
Sheikhalishahi, dr. M. SENS PD MF 6.111 Email to Sheikhalishahi, dr. M.
Shiva Kumar, K. ST TOIO MF 5.082 Email to Shiva Kumar, K.
Sidorova, dr. N. IS-WSK&I UD MF 7.105 +31 40-247 3705 Email to Sidorova, dr. N.
Silva Torres, W. MSc MDSE PhD Stud. MF 6.85 Email to Silva Torres, W. MSc
Skantzaris, G. MSc CASA OWP MF 7.077 Email to Skantzaris, G. MSc
Skoric, dr. B. SENS UHD MF 6.059 +31 40-247 4870 Email to Skoric, dr. B.
Sloothaak, F. MSc STO PhD Stud. MF 4.086 +31 40-247 7327 Email to Sloothaak, F. MSc
Slot, prof.dr. J.J.M. CASA_1 HGL MF 7.068 +31 40-247 4381 Email to Slot, prof.dr. J.J.M.
Smanis, K. MSc ST TOIO MF 5.086 +31 40-247 4334 Email to Smanis, K. MSc
Somers, dr. L.J.A.M. MDSE UHD MF 6.079a +31 40-247 2805 Email to Somers, dr. L.J.A.M.
Sondag, M.F.M. MSc A&V PhD Stud. MF 4.103 Email to Sondag, M.F.M. MSc
Sonke, W.M. MSc A&V PhD Stud. MF 4.104b +31 40-247 2169 Email to Sonke, W.M. MSc
Soons - Jansen, dr. J.P.M. BURO W&I OBP MF 5.100 +31 40-247 7313 Email to Soons - Jansen, dr. J.P.M.
Soto Ochoa, S.A. MSc DM PhD Stud. MF 4.145 +31 40-247 4572 Email to Soto Ochoa, S.A. MSc
Souza Banegas, G. MSc DM PhD Stud. MF 0.6.142 +31 40-247 2537 Email to Souza Banegas, G. MSc
Speckmann, prof.dr. B. A&V HGL MF 4.105 +31 40-247 3076 Email to Speckmann, prof.dr. B.
Spieksma, prof.dr. F.C.R. DM HGL MF 4.095 +31 40-247 5694 Email to Spieksma, prof.dr. F.C.R.
Spierings, J. CASA Secretary MF 7.120 +31 40-247 4760 Email to Spierings, J.
Staghouwer - Heuvelmans, M.M.G. OWB OBP MF 5.104a +31 40-247 2113 Email to Staghouwer - Heuvelmans, M.M.G.
Stanko, T. MSc PDEng SENS PhD Stud. MF 6.109 +31 40-247 2119 Email to Stanko, T. MSc PDEng
Stash, dr. N. IS-WSK&I OBP MF 5.097 +31 40-247 2322 Email to Stash, dr. N.
Sterk, dr. H.J.M. DM OWP MF 6.099 +31 40-247 2727 Email to Sterk, dr. H.J.M.
Stoepker, I.V. MSc STO PhD Stud. MF 4.066 Email to Stoepker, I.V. MSc
Struijs, M.A.C. MSc A&V PhD Stud. MF 4.100 +31 40-247 6177 Email to Struijs, M.A.C. MSc
Sundarrajan, A. M.Tech. ASD TOIO MF 5.079 +31 40-247 3908 Email to Sundarrajan, A. M.Tech.
Swennenhuis, ir. C.M.F. DM_1 PhD Stud. MF 4.145 Email to Swennenhuis, ir. C.M.F.
Syamsiyah, A. MSc IS-WSK&I PhD Stud. MF 7.106 +31 40-247 2767 Email to Syamsiyah, A. MSc

Total persons: 48