Applied Analysis and Scientific Computing

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (viscous flow, acoustics, pipe networks, blood flow, combustion)
  • Multiscale / multirate numerical methods (upscaling and homogenization, multi-phase flows in complex media, two-scale reaction-diffusion models)
  • Numerical Linear Algebra (eigenvalues of large matrices, Krylov subspace techniques)
  • Model Order Reduction (electronic circuit simulation, electromagnetics (Maxwell equations)
  • Image Analysis (MRI imaging, analysis of fibrous tissue)

Statistics, Probability and Operations Research

  • Random Networks
    • performance analysis  (resource-sharing networks, wireless networks, polling models)
    • analysis of structural properties (percolation, metastability)
  • Adaptive learning (distilled sensing)
  • Software Reliability Growth Modelling
  • Statistical Process Control

Discrete Mathematics

  • Analysis of cryptosystems (provable security, code-based cryptography, hash functions)
  • Polyhedral methods (workforce planning) 
  • Approximation methods / heuristics (scheduling, large-scale makespan minimization)
  • Enhanced technological learning (interactive documents, e-learning)

Algorithms and Visualisation

  • Randomized algorithms
  • Approximation algorithms
  • Visual analytics
  • Computational geometry
  • Interactive computer graphics
  • Information visualisation

Process Science and Data Mining

  • Process mining
  • Process-aware information systems
  • Workflow management
  • Data mining
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Web engineering
  • Adaptive information delivery

Software Engineering and Technology

  • Modelling of system behaviour
  • Analysis of system behaviour
  • Model driven software development
  • Domain specific programming languages

Security, System Architecture and Networking

  • Trust management
  • Access control
  • Policy compliance
  • Intrusion detection
  • ICT risk management
  • Security of embedded systems
  • Architecture of embedded distributed systems
  • Resource constrained networked embedded systems