Cooperation with companies assumes many forms at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and many of our sections have longstanding collaborations with companies and research institutes. TU/e is, in fact, surrounded by an exceptionally high concentration of high-tech industry and research and development laboratories, all of them competitive on a global scale.

Cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Are you interested in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering? Please contact one of our spin-off companies, one of our sections, and check if your question is already answered in the FAQ.

Innovation with TU/e

Would you like more information about innovating in cooperation with the Eindhoven University of Technology? If so, get in touch with the TU/e Innovation Lab. The TU/e Innovation lab is the organization within our university that encourages and fosters innovation, the transfer of knowledge and technology, and business development. It is, moreover, TU/e’s incubator. They have a good overview of all the research expertise present at the university and can quickly match your research question with the relevant research groups and individuals.