Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions from the industry and answers to these questions. If your question does not appear, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Where can I place vacancies for students?

Contact the TU/e Career Center for vacancies. For TU/e as a whole recruitment days are organized each year and you can participate in these.

Is there a science store?

No, the Mechanical Engineering department does not have a science store. For your knowledge and science questions, you can go to:

Can I have a prototype made?

For this contact the Equipment & Prototype Center  (EPC) of TU/e. The EPC works primarily for internal customers but is open to assignments from external customers. Call the secretariat of the EPC (+31 - 40 - 247 3659) for more information.

Who can I contact if I have a trainee opportunity?

Traineeships are organized by the sections where the students graduate and the procedure per sections differs. You should contact the secretary of the section that matches your assignment. Some sections have a publication board for the presentation of available assignments.

Can I cooperate with the department of Mechanical Engineering?

The department only works on long-term research. For questions and information about contract research and tertiary funding, contact Jolanda Snelders, Managing Director of the Mechanical Engineering department. 

Can I cooperate with TU/e?

For this you should contact the TU/e Innovation Lab whose role includes innovation encouragement and the exchange of knowledge and technology. It has a good overview of all the research expertise within the university and can quickly match your research question to the most suitable research groups and people.