The department of Mechanical Engineering offers one Bachelor’s program and several Master’s programs. With these programs the department provides education to approximately 2.100 students. Since eduation and research are closely linked, students contribute directly to the research of the department.


The Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's program is part of the Bachelor College of TU/e and consists of a broad disciplinary basis and five major learning lines in Mathematics, Design and Manufacturing and a learning line related to each of the three research clusters (Computational and Experimental Mechanics, Dynamical Systems Design and Thermo Fluids Engineering). These research themes are also the internationally recognized subdisciplines of mechanical engineering.

The department Mechanical Engineering offers several master’s programs. The Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program is part of the Graduate School of TU/e, and incorporates the ME Master and PhD program.



Additionally, the department offers the following interdepartmental master's programs: Automotive Technology (AT), Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion, Systems and Control (S&C) and Sustainable Energy Technology (SET). These programs are multidisciplinary programs in which multiple departments are involved in terms of contribution to the courses. This table shows which departments are involed in the programs. 

PhD and EngD

Do you have a master's degree and do you aspire to a career in scientific research? Then consider a PhD or EngD position in the department of Mechanical Engineering. For a PhD you will conduct, for four year, (paid) in-depth research within a specific field of research. A EngD program is an alternative to a PhD trajectory. The difference is their focus: a PhD is focused on a career as an independent researchers, a EngD on a high level position in industry or healthcare. We hope to see you here!