PhD programs

After graduating from a master's program you can opt for a PhD program whereby you will be working for the department and have an important position: to uphold the reputation and continuity of the research of the Mechanical Engineering department. A PhD program lasts for four years and the Mechanical Engineering department offers you an attractive research environment. Many of the department’s researchers are among their field’s elite and they can be inspirational supervisors. If you have a healthy dose of curiosity and are motivated to dig deep in your research field, then a PhD might be just the thing for you. PhD students are accepted based on vacancies of the research groups of the department. Open sollicitations are generally not accepted.

PhD program

Doing a PhD is focusing on the future, your own and that of society. You will concentrate on fascinating subjects, delving into one particular subject under the supervision of a professor, among others. Your research will boost the scientific knowledge of that subject. The whole scientific world will profit from this too, of course. You will set out your findings in a thesis that you will defend before a committee in a public PhD assessment, after which you will gain your doctorate title (Dr.). During your PhD study you will attend a course at a research school allied to the research group where you are doing your doctorate. You will often be involved in the education of the department, for instance in the supervision of final-year students.

After your PhD

When you have finished your four-year PhD study, you may continue research at the department or look to the many companies that open their doors to a PhD graduate. You will have proven that you can work to a very high standard and have specific knowledge that can be of great value to a company or institute.

Available PhD places

The department of Mechanical Engineering currently has the following PhD places available.

Hora Est

Hora Est is an association established for and by the research assistants (PhD's) of the Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering departments. The main aim of this association is to support research assistants/PhD students during their graduation work by organizing social activities like drinks and dinners as well as activities with a more scientific edge such as workshops, excursions and readings