TU/e students make cars more economical with re-usable material

With their start-up Corellian, two students of the Eindhoven University of Technology have developed an accessory for cars that increases efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions by over 14%. In addition, the accessory can be recycled, minimizing the impast on the environment.

Sander Kemna and Mark Tullemans, two students of the Master’s Program Mechanical Engineering, have developed the aerodynamic accessory by looking at technologies used in Formula 1 and aeronautics. The carbon fiber accessory can be mounted under each car, and according to Sander Kemna "you do not see or notice anything, except a lower fuel consumption." Field tests show that the accessory makes cars 14.7% more efficient, while vans become 10% more efficient.

Now that tests have proven the accessory, the student entrepreneurs want to make the next step; mass production. In order to achieve this, Corellian, together with the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), has submitted a proposal to Compoworld, a Dutch incentive fund that stimulates the use of composites, such as carbon fiber. This proposal has been approved, resulting in extra financial support to carry out a range of tests and technical studies. One of the aspects they will be testing is ‘product responsibility’. Corellian plans to take back the carbon fiber products at the end of its  life cycle, so that they can break it down into raw materials and make new products of it. "Virtually everyone with an interest in innovation and sustainability has responded positively to our product," Sander Kemna explains. "It is also a very interesting product for parties who have a tight budget, such as fleet owners and leasing companies."

With their start-up Corellian, Sander Kemna and Mark Tullemans, have won several innovation awards, including multiple Climate KIC Grants and a top 3 spot in the ANWB Sustainable Mobility Award.