Obituary prof wim van der hoek

It is with great sadness that we have received the news that Prof Wim van der Hoek passed away. We were told that the lectures were very inspiring, and that he could make you feel what it means to be a mechanical construction element like a bolt in a mechanism, and how to design and then engineer mechanical equipment: Mechanical Engineering!
Wim is the founder of the Eindhoven school of construction on stiffness and design in degrees of freedom and this school is the basis in our region with regard to knowledge and expertise in the field of the dynamic behavior of constructions and mechanisms, now called high-tech equipment and modern mechatronics. At Philips, Wim was one of the founders of this design strategy within the CFT and, for many years, he introduced TU/e students to the design of machinery with incomparable enthusiasm.

In his farewell speech of March 1st, 1985, Wim wrote the following about this:
“When we analyzed design as the confrontation between a creative and a critical element in the human mind, we already realized that both the inventive and the rational element are open for development and growth and that also in the confrontation of both elements, conscious management proved to be useful.” We owe him the actual mechanical engineering design in the region and in The Netherlands as recorded in his “Devil’s Picture Book”. For some years now, the “Wim van Hoek Prize” has been granted to the best graduation project in the Netherlands in the field of mechanical engineering and design. We will miss Wim’s enthusiasm.

Maarten Steinbuch
Hans Vermeulen
Philips de Goey, dean Department of Mechanical Engineering