Research cooperations

The research groups of the department of Mechanical Engineering are involved, direct and indirect, with various research schools and institutes.  

Research institutes

Research institutes unite the forces from industry and science in such a way that the transfer from knowledge to value, the so-called valorization of innovation is being stimulated. The department of Mechanical Engineering participates in several research institutes: 

Dutch Polymer Institute

A collaboration between the Dutch industry, universities and the government which was set up to perform exploratory research in the area of polymer materials. The Dutch Polymer Institute linke the scientific skills of university research groups to the industrial need for innovation. 

Energy Institute

The Eindhoven Energy Institute (EEI) unites research groups and energy scientists at the TU/e. EEI research helps the transition to a sustainable society, with large-scale use of solar cells and nuclear fusion.

Materials Innovation Institute

The Materials Innovation Institute (M2i) is an enabler in materials innovation. Its core mission is to support industry and society in finding solutions for materials-related questions in product development and production processes.

Research Schools

Research schools settle their own research program and take care of the education of PhD students. In research schools different departments (of different universities) participate. The department of Mechanical Engineering is involved in several research schools.

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics is a joint initiative of the TU/e, Delft University of Technology and the University of Twente. 

Eindhoven Polymer Laboratories

The goal of Eindhoven Polymer Laboratories (EPL) is to carry out scientific research and to train university graduates to become researchers in the field of polymer science. 

Dutch Institute of Systems and Control

The research school Dutch Institute of Systems and Control (DISC) is an interuniversity graduate school that unites all university groups in the Netherlands that are active in systems and control theory and engineering. It offers a nationally organized graduate program for PhD students in this field.

Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics

The Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics (IPA)is a research school in the field of programming research and algorithmics. The activity of IPA is research, education of Ph.D. students and cooperation with industry.

J.M. Burgerscentrum

The J.M. Burgerscentrum (JMBC) is the Dutch research school for fluid mechanics. With the combined knowledge, skills and facilities of over 50 research groups the JMBC offers a multidisciplinary environment for advanced research in fluid mechanics and for the education of talented graduate and postgraduate students. 

Research school Process Technology

The ‘OnderzoekSchool ProcesTechnologie' (OSPT) is the Dutch Research School in Process Technology. It is an interuniversity school in the area of chemical engineering and process technology.