Graduation Projects at Multiscale Engineering Fluid Dynamics

Finite-Element / Isogeometric Analysis

These are projects in collaboration with NME (see PDF):

  • Innovative refinement using T-splines
  • Adaptive strategies using isogeometric elements
  • Applications to phasefield modeling and fracture mechanics

Simulation of Laser-Assisted 3-D Etching

These are projects in collaboration with MNSE (see PDF):

  • Models for laser material-restructuring
  • Free-boundary modeling of lithography
  • Computational solution techniques for inverse microfabrication

Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction

  • Airbag simulation (see PDF)
  • Cardiovascular flow simulation
  • Unsteady adaptive discretization

Multiscale Modeling

  • Transitional flow simulation
  • Adaptive stochastic FEM (with NME) (see PDF)
  • Error estimation and adaptive modeling

Computational Free-Surface Flow

See PDF for details on the following projects:

  • Efficient solution algorithms
  • Robust error estimates
  • Hybrid ALE / phase-field modeling