Below you find a list of all full professors of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science in alphabetical order.

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Name Section Chair Tel. number Email
Adan, I.J.B.F. DC Email to Adan, I.J.B.F.
Anderson, P.D. POL +31 40-247 4823 Email to Anderson, P.D.
Brummelen, E.H. van ET Email to Brummelen, E.H. van
Bruyninckx, prof.dr. H.P.J. CST Email to Bruyninckx, prof.dr. H.P.J.
Dam, J.A.M. ET Email to Dam, J.A.M.
Deen, N.G. P&F +31 40-247 3681 Email to Deen, N.G.
Duijn, C.J. van ET +31 40-247 3160 Email to Duijn, C.J. van
Fokkink, prof.dr. W.J. CST Email to Fokkink, prof.dr. W.J.
Geers, M.G.D. MoM +31 40-247 5076 Email to Geers, M.G.D.
Goey, prof.dr. L.P.H. de P&F +31 40-247 3268 Email to Goey, prof.dr. L.P.H. de
Golombok, prof.dr. M. P&F +31 40-247 3664 Email to Golombok, prof.dr. M.
Heemels, W.P.M.H. CST +31 40-247 3361 Email to Heemels, W.P.M.H.
Heertjes, M.F. CST +31 40-247 3895 Email to Heertjes, M.F.
Kappers, prof.dr. A.M.L. CST +31 40-247 6182 Email to Kappers, prof.dr. A.M.L.
Kuerten, prof.dr. J.G.M. P&F +31 40-247 2362 Email to Kuerten, prof.dr. J.G.M.
Lopez Arteaga, I. DC +31 40-247 2611 Email to Lopez Arteaga, I.
Müller, B.T. P&F Email to Müller, B.T.
Nijmeijer, prof.dr. H. DC +31 40-247 3203 Email to Nijmeijer, prof.dr. H.
Reinders, prof.dr. A.H.M.E. ET Email to Reinders, prof.dr. A.H.M.E.
Roekaerts, prof.dr. D.J.E.M. P&F Email to Roekaerts, prof.dr. D.J.E.M.
Smeulders, D.M.J. SAE +31 40-247 3167 Email to Smeulders, D.M.J.
Steinbuch, M. CST +31 40-247 5444 Email to Steinbuch, M.
Toonder, J.M.J. den MS +31 40-247 2987 Email to Toonder, J.M.J. den
Vermeulen, J.P.M.B. CST +31 40-247 3234 Email to Vermeulen, J.P.M.B.
Vreman, A.W. P&F Email to Vreman, A.W.
Wijshoff, H.M.A. ET +31 40-247 2719 Email to Wijshoff, H.M.A.
Willems, F.P.T. CST +31 40-247 3535 Email to Willems, F.P.T.
Wouw, N. van de DC +31 40-247 3358 Email to Wouw, N. van de
Zondag, prof.dr. H.A. ET +31 40-247 2719 Email to Zondag, prof.dr. H.A.
Zwart, prof.dr. H.J. DC +31 40-247 8390 Email to Zwart, prof.dr. H.J.

Total persons: 30