Departmental Board

The departmental board is responsible for the overall management of the department. That  includes organizing and arranging the department, the establishment of educational and research programs, regulations and monitoring the implementation of departmental programs. The departmental determines the strategy and policy in the fields of research, education and knowledge transfer in interaction with the scientific content owners.

The departmental board consists of three members. The dean is president and is assisted by a vice-dean (academic staff member) and the Managing Director. The Study program Directors and a Student Advisory member are advisory members.

Departmental Board
Deanprof. dr. L.P.H. (Philip) de Goey
Vice-deanprof. dr. ir. M.G.D. (Marc) Geers
Managing DirectorJ.L.F.C.M. (Jolanda) Snelders MSM
Graduate Program Director S&C and SET (advisory member)dr. ir. C.C.M. (Camilo) Rindt
Graduate Program Director AT (advisory member)prof. dr. H. (Henk) Nijmeijer
Bachelor- and Graduate Program Director of Education ME (advisory member)  prof. dr. J.G.M. (Hans) Kuerten
Student Advisory MemberS. (Sifra) Kramer

Departmental Regulations

View the Departmental regulations, established in June 2018.