Departmental Board

The departmental board is responsible for the overall management of the department. That  includes organizing and arranging the department, the establishment of educational and research programs, regulations and monitoring the implementation of departmental programs. The departmental board determines the strategy and policy in the fields of research, education and knowledge transfer in interaction with the scientific content owners.

The departmental board consists of four members. The Dean is president and is assisted by 2 Vice-deans (academic staff member) and the Managing Director. The Study Program Directors and a Student Advisory member are advisory members.

Departmental Council

The Departmental Council is the staff and students participation of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and has the task to critically follow the affairs of the Department and may submit propositions and views to the Departmental Board. The Departmental Council is chosen by staff (every two years) and students (every year). The staff and the students of the department occupy each five seats.

Departmental Office

The departmental office supports the processes involved in education, research and valorization through the disciplines of personnel policy, finance, ICT, accommodation, legal affairs, health & safety and environment, and internal affairs. The secretariat completes the picture. The office is led by the Managing Director whose responsibility covers the entire operation within the department.

Team ESA W

Team ESA W of the department of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for the organization and quality of the education of the department. Team ESA W ensures a well regulated curriculum, the study timetable, the evaluation and improvement of the subjects as well as the organization and coordination of the education.

Board of Advice

The Board of Advice of the department of Mechanical Engineering consist of 6 members, all of which are not employed at the department. The board gives advice to the departmental board on policy regarding the responsibilities of the department. Click on the button below to see who is part of the Board of Advice.

PhD-EngD Council ME

The Departemental PhD-EngD council consists of several PhD candidates and EngD trainees from all research sections, who reperesent their colleagues working in the Mechanical Engineering department. The council represents the interest of the PhD candidates and EngD trainees of Mechanical Engineering within the General PhD Council and towards the Departmental Board. Furthermore they aim to create an engaging PhD-EngD community in ME by organizing social events and they help you with work-related issues.