Valorization & innovation

The mission of the department of Mechanical Engineering is to carry out long-term, generic, world-class research and education on several carefully selected subjects that fall within the research profile of TU/e. The research matches the technological needs of the high-tech industry, which is especially present in the Eindhoven region. This makes the department not only an incubator for leading research, but also allows for close collaboration with the industry.

Cooperation with industry

Cooperation with companies assumes many forms at the department of Mechanical Engineering, and many of our sections have longstanding collaborations with companies and research institutes. TU/e is, in fact, surrounded by an exceptionally high concentration of high-tech industry and research and development laboratories, all of them competitive on a global scale.

The department now activitely participates in:


To enhance the impact of our research on society, the department is increasingly focusing on promoting research valorization. Therefore, we follow an active policy of initiating, accommodating and supporting spin-offs companies and student teams. Within the Mechanical Engineering department a lot of successful spin-offs have started up in recent years:


Microsure is a medical device company located in Eindhoven (Netherlands) founded by Eindhoven University of Technology and Maastricht University Medical Center. The focus is to improve patient’s lives through developing robot systems for microsurgery.


The Preceyes Surgical System is a robotic assistant for eye surgery. The system provides surgeons with a precision better than 20 μm to position and hold instruments.

Optimal Forming Solutions

Optimal Forming Solutions is working on an adjustable matrix able to adopt, on the basis of CAD calculations, complex shapes.


Corellian develops aerodynamic solutions that improve the fuel consumption, carbon emissions and overall performance of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. In this way Corellian wants to create sustainable mobility for many people.


Vertoro valorises the technology of turning lignin, a residual stream produced by paper pulp and cellulosic ethanol plants, into so-called crude lignin oil (CLO).

Heat Power

Heat Power designs and develops heat exchange units, co-generation and power systems based on industrial turbo machinery.

IME Technologies

IME Technologies provides solutions for research and production in the field of advanced nanofibers.


Sorama helps companies to detect sources of noise with the world's most versatile acoustic camera to visualize how a product or machine makes noise.

Express Precision Engineering

Xpress Precision Engineering supplies components for precision metrology.

Progression Industry

Progression Industry mainly focuses on designing, researching, developing and commercializing bio-based (marine) fuels, -fuel additives and high speed turbine machinery (turbines and compressors).

Eindhoven Medical Robotics

Eindhoven Medical Robotics develops high precision surgical robotics. Specialties: robotics, precision engineering, surgical equipment, medical devices, AI, Data Analytics and Medical Image Processing.


The mission of SNOCOM is to assists airports in their challenge to remove snow of runways in an efficient, cost effective, safe and sustainable manner.


Avular designs and builds UAV systems, compliant with the regulatory standards of today and tomorrow, suitable for industrial tasks.

Ratio Computer Aided Systems Engineering B.V.

RATIO focuses on the development of methods and tools for the specification, visualization, analysis, and optimization of system architectures to support engineers in avoiding rework and in developing even better systems.


ZEnMO simulations stands for Zero-emission Energy & Mobility simulations. This spin-off makes scientific knowledge about energy and mobility systems useful for any organisation that wants to reduce it’s carbon footprint.

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