Scientific publishing

Scientific publishing
The Information Expertise Center / Library offers to scientists a wide variety of services and expertise in publishing and sharing research information. The IEC’s goal is to store and manage all TU/e scientific publications and the accompanying research data in digital form on a permanent basis, and to make them available as soon and as broadly as possible.

Publishing and Repository TU/e
The Repository TU/e offers scientists at this university the opportunity to store their publications, including supplementary materials like research data, video footage, photographs etc., in digital form. Authors may benefit from this in several ways: a permanent identifier (which means a publication may always be traced), sustainable storage, integral availability within the campus and, if possible, Open Access in order to enhance publications’ visibility and citation rates.

Open Access and Copyright Coach

Increasingly, scientists and scientific organizations wish results of publicly financed research to be made publicly available as well. TU/e has signed the so-called Berlin Declaration in support of Open Access to scientific publications. The IEC / Library on its part promotes Open Access publishing e.g. through the Repository TU/e and the Copyright Coach, that provides support to authors during the publication process.

Research data; Data Coach and the 4TU.Centre for Research Data
Sharing research data is becoming ever more common practice in science, and some research funders now require it. Through the Data Coach, the IEC / Library now advises researchers on data management and storage. The IEC / Library, partner in 4TU.ResearchData, provides the infrastructure and support for permanent data storage, and for making data available via datasets if desired.

Attention for scientific publishing in Information Skills courses
Information Skills courses pay attention to several aspects of scientific publishing in separate course modules.