Relevant links about copyright

General interest

Citing and plagiarism

  • What is permitted in citing texts by others is concisely described on this Surf page (pdf) (only Dutch)


  • License to publish (only Dutch)
    Part of the Copyright Toolbox. A license agreement which authors may use when publishing their work with a publisher. The essence of the license is that you retain the right to use the published version for teaching or research purposes, and to place it in the digital repository of the institution where you work. The publisher may stipulate that placement in the repository will take place only after a 6-month embargo period. The license is available in various languages.
  • License to deposit (only Dutch)  
    Part of the knowledge site 'Auteursecht in het hoger onderwijs' (Copyright in higher education) developed by Surf. A license developed by Surf which authors may use to deposit their work (dissertation, article) in the repository of the institution where they work.
  • Creative commons licences  
    Website where authors may choose from a number of standard licenses stipulating how others may use their work.


  • TU/e-repository
  • Narcis  
    Narcis comprises publications from all Dutch university repositories.
  • OpenDOAR 
    World-wide overview of academic repositories, published by Nottingham University

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