European Research Council (ERC)

ERC policy concerning research data follows the general lines set out in the H2020 program, but it has implemented the guidelines for open access to data and publications in a slightly different way.

The main differences in comparison to the H2020 program are of a formal nature: the guidelines mentioned above are not binding and researchers who received an ERC grant who choose to take part in the ORD pilot may also opt out of the pilot without stating any reason if they wish. Moreover, ERC applies a different DMP template than Horizon2020.

Nevertheless, researchers receiving ERC funding are encouraged to take part in the ORD pilot (except for ERC proof of concept grants; these are barred from participation in the ORD Pilot).

How can RDM Support help you?

For examples of completed data management sections and data management plans, or support in writing or reviewing a data management plan, please contact Leon Osinksi or Sjef Ă–llers at the IEC via