NWO wants to promote the access to and reusability of research data originating from NWO-funded research. Thereto, NWO has implemented a mandatory data management policy in all NWO funding instruments from 1 October 2016. For NWO-funded research projects with a start date before October 1, 2016, you are strongly encouraged to follow these data management policy guidelines as well.

In concrete terms, this means that a data management protocol is included in all calls for proposals published from October 1, 2016. The data management protocol comprises two steps:

1. The researcher must include a data management paragraph in the research proposal, in which the researcher should answer briefly four questions about data management;
2. After the grant has been awarded, the researcher must draw up  and submita data management plan; approval of the datamanagement plan by NWO is a prerequisite for approval of the final grant.

What is expected of researchers?
In the research application, the researchers should answer four questions about data management in the data management section. If an application has been granted, the researcher must complete the paragraph in a data management plan. Four months after award of the project, the researcher must have submitted the first version of the data management plan to NWO. The data management plan is a "living document" and can be adapted during the research.

What support can researchers receive at TU/e?
For examples of completed data management paragraphs and data management plans or support for writing / reviewing a data management plan, please contact Leon Osinksi or Sjef Ă–llers of the IEC at rdmsupport@tue.nl .

Are the costs for data management reimbursed by NWO?
The costs for data management can be included in the proposal budget. NWO only requests the storage of data that are relevant for reuse. The costs are dependent on the quantity and type of data and the time that is required for producing metadata and documentation during the study. It also includes the cost of data storage (conversion and long-term storage and making the data available in a data repository).
More information about the NWO datamagement protocol can be found on the NWO website. NWO has also provided a template for drafting a datamanagement plan.