Green, hybrid or gold Open Access

Open Access is a form of scientific publishing in which information is made available to readers free of charge. There are two options:

Green Open Access – required at TU/e

The green way to Open Access publishing is to publish an article in a traditional subscription journal (not Open Access). After publication a version of the article is also placed in an Open Access institutional repository (open publication database).

This is called ‘self-archiving’ because publications are registered by authors themselves.

Authors from TU/e are requested to register all academic publications and to upload the final authors’ versions. You do not need to prepare your own publication for open access. The IEC will make your publication available through Green Open Access, if allowed by the publisher.

Gold Open Access

There are now two ways of gold open access publishing:

(Full) gold open access
In a gold open access journal all publications are freely accessible to readers immediately and without restrictions. In this open access model there are no subscriptions fees and publishers gain their income by charging authors (or their institutions) when articles are accepted. These charges are known as ‘article processing charges’ (APCs). This variant of open access is generally referred to as full gold open access or pure gold open access (to distinguish it from hybrid gold open access).

Hybrid (gold) open access
In this variant of gold open access authors publish in traditional subscription journals, but may offer gold open access to their articles by paying APCs. Open access is then offered to all readers immediately as articles appear on-line. Usually only part of articles in hybrid gold open access journals are actually made available in this way. Articles which are published in such journals but which are not available via gold open access cannot be viewed by readers who do not subscribe to those journals.

TU/e does not provide central funding for open access publishing. If you wish to publish open access you will in many cases have to make arrangements for covering the costs within your own department or research group.

In some cases VSNU and publishers have reached agreements which already fully or partly cover the costs of open access publishing. Open access publishing then does not involve any costs, or only limited costs, for authors/researchers.

When your research is funded from outside TU/e, e.g. by NWO or the European Commission, you may inquire with your funder about possibilities for covering open access publishing costs.