Cover your open access publishing costs

Deals with publishers: free or reduced rate open access publishing

Corresponding authors from TU/e can publish open access free of charge or at reduced rates in 6500+journals of the publishers listed below. Both staff members and students can make use of these opportunities. Most deals are negotiated on the national level by VSNU and UKB. The combined deals cover both reading right, (access to the literature), and open access publishing rights.

Free open access publishing:

Reduced-rate open access publishing:

Funders supporting open access publishing costs

If your research is funded by an external party, e.g. NWO or the 7th Framework programme of the European Commission, it may be possible to include open access publishing costs in your grant proposal. The IEC is happy to assist in assessing the Open Access budget you should request .

No central TU/e budget for open access publishing costs

TU/e provides no central funding to cover open access publishing costs. If you wish to publish open access in a journal that is not part of the above described deals, publishing costs will have to be paid by your own department or sub-department.