Free open access publishing in the Springer OpenChoice programme

Corresponding authors from TU/e and other Dutch academic institutions can publish open access free of charge in approximately 1,850 journals within the Springer OpenChoice programme up to a national total of 2,080 publications. If the maximum is reached, the agreement will be terminated and publications from Dutch academic institutions will no longer be eligible for free open access publishing. Eligible publication types are: original papers, review papers, brief communications and continuing education papers.

Journals from learned societies, BioMedCentral and SpringerOpen are not part of the Springer OpenChoice programme and therefore not included in the agreement.

How to publish your article open access under the terms of this agreement

After article acceptance corresponding authors will be asked to identify themselves as author affiliated with a Dutch academic institution and agree to the open access copyright and license terms. You can confirm the affiliation by choosing it in the “Special Affiliation” drop-down menu.
Your eligibility to publish your article in open access under this agreement will be verified by your university and Springer during the production process.

If you have any further questions please contact the IEC Open Access desk.