European Commission FP7 Open Access policy*

Green open access recommended but not obligatory
Open access is recommended for peer-reviewed scientific journal articles resulting from FP7 funded research. Deposition of articles in open access repositories, e.g. the TU/e repository, within 6 months after publication date is encouraged. This is known as green open access.

Supplementary conditions for 'Special Clause 39' grants

If your project is funded by the FP7 scheme, Special Clause 39 may be part of your grant agreement. In that case supplementary conditions with regard to open access will apply.

Special Clause 39 allows you full freedom to publish in a journal of your choice. You are not required to publish open access. You are however expected to deposit your publication in a repository, for instance the TU/e repository, and subsequently make an effort to achieve open access to your article

If copyright conditions set by your publisher do not permit you to make your article available open access via a Repository, you are expected to contact your publisher and enter negotiations on the issue. You must keep all correspondence so you can prove you met your obligation to negotiate. Even in case of a negative outcome.

Support from the IEC for Special Clause 39 cases
The number of grants involving Special Clause 39 is relatively low. If you want to know if it applies to you? Contact the Information Expertise Center via

Open access specialists at the Information Expertise Center are happy to support you in conducting negotiations as described above. 

Post grant open access fund for finalized FP7 projects

In 2015 the European Commission commenced a pilot scheme to fund open access publications resulting from finalized FP7 projects. Projects finalized less than two years ago may be entered into the scheme. This pilot scheme will come to a close as of 30 April 2017. Manuscripts accepted beyond that date will not be eligible for funding anymore.

For each research project up to 3 open access publications may be submitted for funding. These publications must be published under paid open access. For journal articles and comparable publications a maximum of € 2000 per publication is granted, for monographies the maximum is € 6000.

Provided peer review has taken place, the following types of open access publications may be funded:

  • scientific articles
  • conference papers
  • book chapters
  • monographies
  • data and software publications  

Journal articles are funded only if they are published in full gold open access journals under a CC-BY license. Articles published in so-called 'hybrid' journals are not funded (hybrid journals are subscription journals in which open access to individual articles may be obtained on special payment).

If you wish to benefit from the open access fund you must report your publication immediately as soon as your publisher accepts it. Open access publications that appear during the course of FP7 projects are not funded under this scheme.

You do not need to pay the invoice for open access to the publisher yourself, the sum is paid directly from the fund. Publications may not be submitted for funding if they have already been published.

Do you wish to benefit from the post-grant FP7 publication fund?
Please contact the Information Expertise Center via
The TU/e open access specialists will report your publication for the post-grant FP7 publication fund and handle all administrative tasks.

* Information on this web page is a summary of the European Union's open access funding rules that aply to the TU/e. For detailed information contact TU/e's open access specialists via or check the European Commission website.

Latest update 12-05-2017