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Horizon 2020 policy on Open Access publishing*

Horizon 2020: Open Access required for peer-reviewed journal articles
The European Commission requires the open access publication of academic peer-reviewed journal articles. This must be done in two steps:

  • Step 1: Deposit the article in a repository
  • Step 2: Guarantee Open Access through the repository within the accepted period of embargo (6 or 12 months, depending on field of research)

Support for the Horizon 2020 Open Access policy
If you are currently working for a project of Horizon 2020, you can deposit your publications in the TU/e Repository. This fulfills the first step.

The Information Expertise Center is pleased to provide support for the second step – preparing a publication for Open Access within the period of embargo specified by Horizon 2020. The IEC will then automatically make the article available through Open Access as soon as it is allowed by the publisher. Horizon 2020 specifies that an article must be available through open access within six months after publication. An exception is made for the fields of humanities and social sciences, for which a twelve-month embargo period is allowed.

Determine whether your journal meets all of the conditions of Horizon 2020:

If a publisher does not allow your article to be made available through Open Access in the TU/e Repository within six or twelve months, you have three alternatives:

  1. If the journal of your choice also offers the option of publishing your article through gold Open Access for a fee, you may choose to do so.
  2. Publish in another traditional journal. In doing so, choose a journal that will allow Open Access in the TU/e Repository within the specified period (see embargo list).
  3. Publish in a gold Open Access journal (additional information on gold Open Access publishing).


The European Commission offers the option of paying the costs of Open Access from your project budget. There are no additional funds to which the costs of Open Access can be declared after the end of a project. You must therefore include the Open Access costs in advance in your project budget.

Questions or individual assistance
If you need assistance with your Open Access publication strategy or with a cost estimate, please consult the IEC Open Accesss contact at

European Commission, Horizon 2020 - OBLIGATION
ProgramHorizon 2020
During1 January 2014 until 31 December 2020
MandateEach beneficiary must ensure open access (free of charge, online access for any user) to all peer-reviewed scientific journal articles relating to its results. This is an open access obligation.
EncouragedOpen access is strongly encouraged for:
- monographs
- books (or parts of them)
- conference proceedings
- gray literature (examples include technical reports, dissertations and theses)
Publication versionA machine-readable electronic copy of the published version or a final peer-reviewed manuscript accepted for publication
ProcessStep 1: Always deposit the publication in a repository, at the latest on publication
Step 2: Ensure open access, within the Horizon 2020 allowed embargo period
Allowed embargo
- If an electronic version is open access available via the publisher: no embargo period allowed
- If an electronic version is not open access available via the publisher: maximum of 6 months embargo allowed
- If an electronic version is not open access available via the publisher, and is published in the fields ‘humanities’ or ‘social sciences’: maximum of 12 months embargo allowed
CostsCosts are eligible for reimbursement, when integrated in the research proposal budget
Text included in the publicationThe bibliographic metadata must be in a standard format and must include the following:
-  the terms ["European Union (EU)" and "Horizon 2020"]["Euratom" and Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018"]
- the name of the action, acronym and grant number
- the publication date, and length of embargo period if applicable, and a persistent identifier.
Further information for TU/e employeesContact open access, TU/e
ir. Sjef Öllers and dr. ir. Marjet Elemans, via:
Further information general


* The information on this web page is a brief summary of the most important open-access funding policies for TU/e. For latest information, always consult the open access contact at TU/e ( ), or visit the website of the funder.

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