NWO former policy

NWO former policy concerning Open Access publishing*

For 'calls for proposals' up to 30 November 2015

Does your publication result from a grant made by NWO based on a 'call for proposals' released before or on 30 November 2015? In that case former NWO policy concerning open access publishing still applies. NWO encourages open access, but does not set hard conditions for these grants.

Support for the NWO open access policy
If you are currently working on a project of NWO, you may use the standard TU/e facilities for your publications. You can register your article and upload it to the TU/e Repository, and the IEC will make your article available in open access as soon as this is permitted by the publisher.

Do you wish to publish open access with a publisher and is there cost involved? NWO offers supplementary budgets to the amount of € 6000 for each project. Requests may be submitted at any time within 6 months after definitive publishing, until the available resources are depleted.
Note! As from June 2015 only articles in full open access journals will be subsidized from the NWO publications fund. These so-called Gold Open Access journals are journals of which the full content is published open access as a matter of routine.  

NWO does not prohibit researchers to publish in so-called hybrid journals, but there is no additional funding available for those articles via the NWO stimulation fund. Hybrid open access publications must be paid by researchers from their own research budget.

Hybrid journals are journals which usually offer their content to subscribers only, but provide options to have individual articles made available open access on payment.

NWO, policy May 2011 - 30 November 2015
DurationMay 2011 - 30 November 2015
RecommendationPublications supported by NWO funds should, irrespective of other options for publishing, be made accessible to the general public as quickly as possible in Open Access. This is an open access recommendation.
Publication versionNo detailed information from NWO
EmbargoOpen access availability required ‘As soon as possible’, no further information from NWO
CostsAdditional publication funding up to a maximum of € 6000 per research project is offered by NWO for each peer-reviewed open access journal article or book. The subsidy is available strictly for publishing in full gold open access journals, not in hybrid journals. Neither may the subsidy may be used for publishing dissertations. Requests for funding may be submitted at any time within 6 months after definitive publishing, until available resources have been depleted.
Text included in the publicationWhen the results from the funded research are published the financial support received from NWO must be mentioned. In English, French, German, Italian and Spanish the name NWO is translated as follows:
- Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
- Organisation Néerlandaise pour la Recherche Scientifique
- Niederländische Organisation für Wissenschaftliche Forschung
- Organizzazione Nazionale Olandese per la Ricerca Scientifica
- Organización Neerlandesa de Investigacione Scientíficas
Further information for TU/e employeesOpen Access specialists, TU/e
ir. Sjef Öllers and dr. ir. Marjet Elemans, via: openaccess@tue.nl
Further information general

* The information on this web page is a brief summary of the most important Open Access funding policies for TU/e. For latest information, always consult the Open Access specialists at TU/e (openaccess@tue.nl ), or visit the website of the funder.

Latest update 22 July 2015