NWO new policy as from 1 Dec 2015

New NWO policy regarding open access publishing*

For 'calls for proposals' from 1 December 2015

New NWO funding regulations apply for each 'call for proposals' which NWO releases from 1 December 2015 onwards. Funding conditions for earlier calls and ongoing research projects do not change.

New NWO Open Access policy
Open access obligatory for all NWO-funded scientific publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles, scientific books, monographs, conference proceedings and dissertations.
Publications based on research funded by NWO must be freely accessible to all from the date of publishing. NWO accepts no embargoes.
Open access to publications may be offered in three different ways:

  • Option 1: Green open access via TU/e Repository (free of charge)
  • Option 2: Full gold open access publishing (extra funding by NWO)
  • Option 3: Hybrid open access publishing

Option 1: Green open access via the TU/e Repository (free of charge)
Open access to your publication may in many cases be offered via the TU/e Repository. NWO requires open access to your publication immediately from the date of publishing, embargo not accepted.

Note: early non peer-reviewed author's versions are also accepted by NWO for open access
Contrary to other funders, NWO sets no specific conditions to the version of publication which is to be made available in open access. So-called pre-prints therefore also meet NWO open access conditions. In this respect the position taken by NWO differs from that of many other research funders.

A pre-print is a first rough version of a publication, still lacking peer review corrections. Differences in content may therefore exist between the pre-print and the article as it is ultimately published. Many publishers permit pre-prints to be made available in open access in the TU/e Repository, from the date of publishing and free of extra charge. As peer review is an essential part of the process of ensuring scientific quality, many researchers prefer to place final peer-reviewed versions of their articles in the TU/e Repository. If however publishers do not permit this without an embargo time, you may also decide to place the pre-print (not peer-reviewed) in the TU/e Repository. This way you can meet NWO open access conditions free of charge.

NWO realizes that offering open access to versions of publications not yet peer-reviewed is not Open Access in its perfect form. When a researcher selects a journal which will only permit submitting earlier than peer-reviewed versions, NWO advises to indicate clearly that peer review has not yet taken place. Readers interested in the underlying research may then contact the author to obtain the article in its final form.

What must you do yourself?
Did you receive a grant from NWO and must you meet the new open access conditions? Contact the IEC open access specialists via openaccess@tue.nl. They will check for you which version may be made available in open access free of charge and will help you to register your publication. This will save you unnecessary expenses for open access publishing.

The IEC will automatically make your publication available in open access from the date of publishing, if this is permitted by the publisher. This way you meet NWO's open access requirement free from any costs.

Option 2: Full gold open access publishing (extra funding by NWO)
Instead of publishing in a traditional subscription journal or book, you can also opt for a full gold open access journal or book. The full content of such a journal or book is available in open access from the date of publishing, including your contribution. Publishers charge no subscription fee. In many cases however, authors must pay APCs, the so-called “article processing costs”. These costs for open access publishing may vary from a few hundred to thousands of euros per article.

NWO encourages this method of publishing and has created a stimulation fund for publications in full gold open access journals and books. A maximum of 6000 euros per project has been set. Applications for grants may be submitted at any time within 6 months after final publishing, until the fund is depleted.

Option 3: Hybrid open access publishing
Another option is to publish your article open access in a so-called hybrid journal. Hybrid journals may be read only by subscribers, but offer the option to make individual articles available open access on payment. Virtually all traditional scientific journals offer this option. Your article will be available open access from the date of publishing, meaning you meet the NWO open access conditions.

Authors must pay their publishers the so-called APCs or "article processing costs". These costs are often quite high for hybrid journals, on average higher than for full gold open access journals. Universities risk having to pay publishers twice: both subscription fees and APCs.

NWO does not forbid researchers to publish in hybrid journals, but does not encourage it either. No extra funding is therefore awarded from the NWO stimulation fund. Hybrid open access publications must be financed by researchers from their own budgets.

TU/e has made arrangements with several publishers for authors to publish hybrid open access free of charge or at reduced fees. For further information go to our website.

NWO enforcement of open access requirement
In order to make researchers even more aware of the importance of free access to knowledge, NWO has announced that beginning 2016 it will perform regular checks to make sure that the results of NWO-funded research are indeed available in open access. Not complying with this requirement will count equally with other infringements of NWO funding conditions. If any such breach of rules is detected, NWO will first contact the manager of the project concerned. In extreme cases, NWO is authorized to cancel or reduce (part of) the funds allocated on the basis of non-compliance with the governing rules. From 2018 onwards NWO will be applying its sharpened funding conditions strictly.

Support for NWO open access policy
Are you running an NWO-funded project? Then you may always contact the TU/e open access specialists for support. They can give you specific advice and help you find the most appropriate and practical way to publish your research.

Do you want to publish open access and must you pay expenses? NWO has created a special publishing stimulation fund offering additional subsidies of up to 6000 euros per research project. Applications for grants may be submitted any time within 6 months after final publishing, until the fund is depleted.
Note! As from June 2015 only articles in full open access journals will be subsidized from the NWO publications fund. These are journals of which full content is published open access.

NWO: Conference Subsidy for Open Access speaker
The Conference Subsidy is destined for additional activities that draw attention to Open Access during scientific conferences. NWO awards grants up to 2,500 euros per request. Researchers may submit requests at any time; no deadline.

NWO, policy as from 1 December 2015
Duration timeValid for grants awarded on the basis of 'calls for proposals' released by NWO from 1 December 2015 onwards
ObligatoryAll scientific publications based on research funded by NWO must be freely accessible to all immediately from the date of publishing. NWO accepts no embargoes.
Publication version

NWO accepts each version of a publication. The non peer-reviewed author's version, the peer-reviewed author's version as well as the publisher's version.
To make sure what version you may make available in open access, please contact the open access specialists of the IEC via openaccess@tue.nl

EmbargoesNo embargoes permitted. The publication must be available open access in some version as from the date of publishing.
CostsExtra publication funding up to 6000 euros per research project is available for providing open access to a peer-reviewed journal article or book. Grants are awarded only for publishing in full gold open access journals, not for hybrid journals. Neither may a grant be used for publishing a dissertation. Applications for grants may be submitted at any time within 6 months after final publishing, until fund is depleted.
Text included in the publicationWhen the results from the funded research are published the financial support received from NWO must be mentioned. The project number must be mentioned too. In English, French, German, Italian and Spanish NWO’s name is translated as follows:
- Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
- Organisation Néerlandaise pour la Recherche Scientifique
- Niederländische Organisation für Wissenschaftliche Forschung
- Organizzazione Nazionale Olandese per la Ricerca Scientifica
- Organización Neerlandesa de Investigaciones Scientíficas
Further information for TU/e employeesContact open access, TU/e
ir. Sjef Öllers and dr. ir. Marjet Eleman via: openaccess@tue.nl
Further information general

* The information on this web page is a brief summary of the most important Open Access funding policies for TU/e. For latest information, always consult the Open Access specialists at TU/e (openaccess@tue.nl ), or visit the website of the funder.

Latest update 26 July 2016