Since 2015, the Dutch Copyright Act allows scientific publications, for which the research has been financed in whole or in part by Dutch public funds, to be made available free of charge after a reasonable period of time. Article 25fa of the Copyright Act, known as the Taverne Amendment, allows researchers to share their work regardless of any publishers' guidelines.

Taverne amendement
“The maker of a short scientific work for which the research has been financed in whole or in part by Dutch public funds is entitled to make that work available to the public free of charge following a reasonable period after its first publication, provided that clear reference is made to the source of the first publication.”

Taverne Amendment in practice – pilot project in 2019
The Taverne amendment has a number of criteria that require further clarification. At the initiative of the VSNU, these criteria have been translated into a set of principles that need to be tested in practice:
-    The work will be shared in its definitive, published version.
-    A 'reasonable period' is considered to be a period of six months after the work was first made available online.
-    Short scientific work refers to articles, conference papers and chapters in edited collections. Monographs and chapters belonging to monographs are not considered short scientific works.
The principles apply to all academic researchers, corresponding authors and co-authors, and is irrespective of how copyright may have been arranged and/or transferred.
By making scientific publications available via the university repositories in a pilot project, the VSNU wants to challenge publishers to legally review the principles formulated by the VSNU.
The national pilot started at 31 January 2019.

Taverne pilot at the TU/e
The board of the university and the dean’s college support the Taverne pilot and contribute their publications to the extent possible. In addition, the IEC has shortlisted publications from the Pure database that are suitable to participate in the pilot. The authors of a selection of these publications will be invited to participate in the pilot. They will be provided with all the information they need to make an informed choice for participation. Participation is voluntary.

Want to participate?
If you are interested in participating in the pilot and contribute your publications to be made available to the public, just get in touch with the Open Access Helpdesk on 2529 or via openaccess@tue.nl.