TU/e Open Access policy

TU/e open access policy within an international framework

TU/e open access policy, effective 1 April 2015
TU/e open access policy puts national and international principles with regard to open access to scientific publications into practice.
TU/e imposes no obligation on authors to publish open access with a publishing company. Authors retain their freedom in the choice of journals. In specific situations, authors may encounter open access obligations in the context of research conducted with external funding (full or partial).

The Executive Board and the deans support green open access.
Effective 1 April 2015, authors at TU/e are requested to register all peer-reviewed journal articles and to submit the final, accepted authors’ versions (post-print) for inclusion in the TU/e Repository. Authors need only to upload their publications. The Information Expertise Center will facilitate the further open access process.

Publishing Open Access via TU/e is free of charge. In most cases your article can be made Open Access (in due time). The Information Expertise Center will verify copyrights, and make articles available Open Access as soon as this may be done legally.

This policy is intended to make as many TU/e publications as possible available in open access at no charge in the TU/e Repository. In doing so, TU/e is following (inter)national policy and, in specific cases, authors are also complying with the requirements of external funding sources (e.g., the European Commission) at no charge.

Gold Open Access: open access deals are in place but no specificTU/e funding is provided. TU/e authors holding 'corresponding author' status may publish open access free of charge or at reduced rates in some 4,000 journals with which TU/e has made open access agreements. Deals are open to staff as well as students.

If you wish to publish open access in a journal that is not part of one of these deals this will involve so-called article processing charges or APCs. TU/e provides no specific funding for these costs, so to cover them you will have to make your own arrangements within your department or sub-department.

Open Access is required for publications to be eligible for Academic Annual Awards
From 2015 only Master theses and PhD dissertations available Open Access in the TU/e repository are qualified for academic annual awards. The new requirement does not apply for reports of PDEng candidates.

External funders' open access policies
If your research has been funded externally, e.g. by NWO or the European Commission, you can possibly ask your research funder to bear the costs of open access publishing. We can explain the options to you and will be happy to support you in submitting your request.

Open access policy within the Dutch context
The Dutch national government has set sharp open access objectives for publications from universities in the Netherlands. By 2018, 60% of all publications should be available in open access, increasing to 100% by 2024. VSNU monitors open access availability of publications from each university each year, in the categories green, hybrid as well as gold open access. NWO requires open access to all scientific publications based on research it funds as from December 2015.

Open access policy within the European context
As of 1 January 2014 the European Commission requires that publications appearing within Horizon 2020 be offered in open access within a specified period. European research and innovation ministers decided in May 2016 that all European scientific articles should be available in open access as of 2020. Read the European policy decision here