FAQ Information Literacy and Information Skills

1. How can I get more information or support on search strategies/literature search?

More information on various topics related to Information Literacy can be found in the modules Information skills If you need further support after consulting these modules, please contact us at DML.education@tue.nl 

2. I missed the Information skills training. How can I still participate? 

If you missed the original training, you could make the assignment during the retake. The retake will take place at the end of each quartile, in the week before the exams. You can register via Osiris, course code IV001. Make sure to register for the specific group/quartile. 

3. Can I get an exemption for the PRV Information Skills course? 

We are not responsible for the exemptions. Officially only the exam committee is allowed to give an exemption., but you can contact your CSA with that question. They can help you with the correct procedure.