1. Who may use the Proxy Server?

TU/e staff members and students only are authorized to access the Library's collection of full-text journals and retrieval systems. Also via the Proxy Server.

2. How to access via the Proxy Server?

Go to the Proxy Server via this link. Log in with your normal NT user name and password. You will then return to the Library website and be able to access retrieval systems and full-text journals as you are accustomed. Only the occurence of 'dianus.libr.tue.nl' in your browser's address bar indicates that access is taking place via the Proxy Server.

3. How to access via the Proxy Server?

Users from outside the TU/e network may follow the link to the Proxy Server, and access retrieval systems and full-text databases via this Proxy, without any special settings.
Please note: If you are connected via VPN, first shut down this connection before logging into the Proxy.
The browser however must be set for using 'cookies'.

4. Why do some links not work via the Proxy Server?

The url for a retrieval system or full-text journal may occasionally still have to be entered into the Proxy Server configuration. If you report the problem via this form we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

5. Can the Proxy Server be used inside TU/e network?

Access via the Proxy Server makes sense only if connection is made from outside the TU/e network.
If the link to the Proxy is followed by anyone inside the TU/e network, the Proxy will detect that the user is coming from inside the TU/e IP range and forward this user to the desired website, without further Proxy intercession.