Access from anywhere

TU/e staff and students who wish to use information retrieval systems and read full-text journals at offices outside TU/e, may do so via the Library Proxy Server.

Sign in via the Proxy server

Sign in with your NT user name and password. Via the Proxy Server, the IP address at the external database is recognized as belonging to the TU/e network.

To log in, copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

Only the occurence of '' in the url in the browser's address bar indicates that access is taking place via the proxy server.

You may now access the retrieval systems and journal as you are accustomed.

Why not using the VPN connection?

This problem can be solved by making a VPN connection, but this proves to be difficult in many cases. Making a VPN connection requires specific settings, and students and apprentices at work outside the TU/e often cannot use of VPN as the firms where they are at work employ firewalls and do not permit them to install software. Also see: VPN settings

Questions about Proxy or problems accessing the Proxy Server?

See FAQ Proxy Server or fill out and send this form