Conditions for use of digital articles

The TU/e Library has acquired licenses from publishers and information suppliers for use of digital journals and databases.
Access to these electronic media is limited to TU/e staff and students and to external visitors with valid library cards*). Access is arranged via Campus Access, i.e. workstations registered within the TU/e IP domain, and via authentication as TU/e student or staff member.

Users are to respect the following rules:

  1. Digital journals and databases may be used only within the academic context of scientific research, teaching and study.
  2. Digital information resources may not be used for commercial purposes.
  3. Users may not use digital information resources in the interest of institutions or firms outside TU/e to which they are affiliated.

Using digital journals and databases is subject to some further conditions :

  • Printing and downloading journal articles and parts of book chapters is permitted for personal use only.
  • Systematically downloading, distributing, printing or storing substantial portions of content from licensed material is not permitted.
  • Licensed material may not be made publicly available via Internet or electronic networks.

Violations detected by the University Library or by publishers are reported to the TU/e ICT Service. Each complaint will be investigated and users involved will be held accountable for any inappropriate behaviour. Users who do not respect these rules shall bear any legal or financial consequences.
Violation of conditions of use may prompt publishers to cancel licenses for use of databases by the TU/e community.

For further information or when in doubt about conditions of use of databases, please contact

*) External visitors with valid library cards may use one of the 2 workstations in the Library. Visitors are to sign a written request and show their ID at the library information desk. The Library grants temporary access for the duration of their visit, up to a limit of 3 hours.
The Library computers are provided exclusively for research in databases for which TU/e Library has acquired licenses from publishers and in other scientific resources on the Internet.

Furthermore, the following conditions apply:

  • Using word processors is not permitted.
  • Using external storage media is not permitted.
  • Use for personal communication (e-mail) is permitted for short intervals.
  • Please respect the TU/e Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Use (available for consultation at information desk) at all times.
  • Please return dongle to information desk at 22.30 h. at latest.
    In case of late return, loss or damage, borrower will be charged the cost.