Library Regulations

1. Access to the Library
2. House rules inside the Library
3. The Library collection
4. Library membership
5. Book lending conditions
6. Penalties for exceeding loan periods
7. General

1. Access to the Library

The public spaces in the Library are open to the general public.

The Library is open Monday through Friday from 08.00 – 23.00 h., and Saturday-Sunday from 10.00 – 22.00 h.
Full regular service is Monday – Friday from 08.00 – 17.00 h.
For current information on opening hours (e.g. during examination periods and holidays) see opening hours.

2. House rules inside the Library

Visitors are required to respect the TU/e Library house rules.

Damage to Library property will be charged to those responsible.

For regulations for use of computers and network facilities, and facilities for electronic information exchange see the Conditions of use. General TU/e regulations apply in the Library as well.

3. The Library collection

All books, journals and other media in the Library collection (hereafter referred to as “publications”) may, in principle, be consulted by visitors in the Library.

Most publications are available for loan. Certain classes of publications, such as reference works, loose-leaf publications, journals, audio-visual materials, and digital resources, as a rule may not be borrowed. Restrictions on borrowing are indicated in the catalogue; publications that may not be removed from the Library carry yellow shelfmark labels. Loan is granted only to registered members of the Library (see 4).

Publications on loan may be reserved.

Publications not in the Library’s collection may be requested for TU/e staff members and students from other libraries in the Netherlands and abroad.
(See our website for current charges/rates: under Service)

4. Library membership

TU/e students and staff members are, automatically and free of charge, members of the Library. Their campus cards are valid as borrower’s card and proof of identity.

Any person from outside TU/e who for valid reasons wishes to use publications from a scholarly library may register as a member.

Persons wishing to register as members must complete an application form and provide proof of identity (e.g. valid passport or driving license). Required also is a valid e-mail address.
Students from other Dutch universities and from Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven must produce their student identity cards and proof of enrolment upon registration.

By registering as members, new members of the Library declare acceptance of these regulations.

Members are required to notify the Library in writing of every change of address.

Registered members are issued a borrowing card which must be presented at each loan occasion. Borrowing cards are strictly personal and may not be used by others. Members are responsible for the use of their borrowing cards and must report loss to the Library.

Persons not in any way affiliated to TU/e may obtain borrowing cards on payment of a fee. The annual fee for a borrowing card is € 13.50. Students and staff members of other Dutch universities and of Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven are issued borrowing cards free of charge.

Personal data of members are stored in a computerized database and are exclusively for library administration purposes. Only Library staff members have access to these data. No information is provided to third parties without permission from the member concerned. Members may view their own data.

Loss of a borrowing card or student identity card must be reported immediately also to the Library.

5. Loan conditions

Borrowers bear full responsibility for publications they have on loan. Loan periods must be observed. All publications must be returned in the same state as in which they were issued. If publications are damaged or not returned borrowers will be charged for repair or replacement.

Borrowers check publications in and out by themselves at the self-service station. Borrowers may be asked for identification to avoid that others use his/her borrowing card.

The normal loan period is 4 weeks.
Borrowers must return publications to the Library before the loan period expires. Borrowers may also request renewal of the loan period. This may be done via one’s personal loan account in LibrarySearch accessible via the Library website. The loan period is renewed for another 4 weeks, unless other borrowers have reserved a publication.

TU/e staff members may have a maximum of 40 publications on loan at one time, students a maximum of 20. All other borrowers may have a maximum of 4 publications on loan at one time.

6. Penalties for exceeding loan periods

6.1 Calculation of fines.
Fines for all borrowers are € 1,00 per week per publication, and apply as soon as loan period (return date) expires.

TU/e staff and students:
Fine during:
•    1st week after expiry date is not charged
•    2nd week after expiry date is not charged
•    3rd week after expiry date € 3,00
•    4th week after expiry date € 4,00
•    5th week after expiry date € 5,00

Other borrowers:
Fine during:
•    1st week after expiry date is not charged
•    2nd week after expiry date € 2,00
•    3rd week after expiry date € 3,00
•    4th week after expiry date € 4,00
•    5th week after expiry date € 5,00

In the 5th week after expiry date the fine will reach a maximum of € 5,00.

Borrowers are notified by e-mail when fines for overdue items will be charged.

An invoice for replacement of the publication will be sent to the borrower 7 weeks after expiration of the loan period. Cost of replacement of the publication, an € 11.00 administrative fee plus the accrued fine will be charged to the borrower. For books of which the replacement value cannot be established a minimum of € 25 will be charged. If borrower returns the publications after receiving an invoice, he/she will be charged an € 11.00 administrative fee for each invoice and a fine of € 5.00 for each publication.

The Library may take legal measures if borrowers do not react upon being sent an invoice.

The Library retains ownership of publications from its collection at all times.

6.2 Reminders
After the loan period for a publication expires TU/e staff members and students, and all other borrowers will be sent three reminders via e-mail. The 4th reminder will be sent by mail.
If no e-mail address is known all reminders will be sent by mail.

Sending reminders is a service provided by the Library. No rights may be derived from not receiving a reminder or not receiving it on time.

Reminders are sent to all borrowers:
•    1st reminder 1 day after loan period expiry
•    2nd reminder 1 week after 1st reminder
•    3rd reminder 2 weeks after 1st reminder

If fine to be paid for overdue items exceeds € 20,-, borrowers’ loan accounts will be blocked and no more lending will be permitted until items borrowed are returned, the fine due is paid, or the account has been renewed.

7. General

The Library may adjust the fees mentioned in these regulations provided adjustments are announced in proper advance.
For the most recent regulations and information about the Library see website

Clarification on matters not covered by these regulations may be requested in writing from the Librarian of TU/e. Objections to these regulations and appeals against decisions by the librarian may be directed to the Board of Governors of TU/e.

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