Refunds for printing costs

Refunds from TU/e departments for dissertation printing costs

Some TU/e departments refund doctoral graduates for their costs of printing dissertations. Some conditions must be met before refunds can be paid:

  • The required printed copies of the dissertation must be supplied to the library
  • The doctoral graduate must give TU/e permission to offer open access to the digital version of the dissertation via the TU/e Repository

Only if both conditions listed above are met the library can issue a written statement to that effect. The doctoral graduate can submit this statement to his/her department to support a request for a printing costs refund.

The library issues the statement, but has no further involvement in the refund regulations which are in place at various departments. Contact your department to find out if it pays refunds for dissertation printing costs.

Extra refund for commercial edition of dissertation

A doctoral graduate whose dissertation is published exclusively as a commercial edition is required to supply 3 hard copies to the library. The library will then pay a € 25,- compensation. This has no further relation with refund arrangements at TU/e departments.


For refund related questions: (secretary of) your department

For library related questions about your thesis: