Conference proceedings

You can register conference proceedings and other types of publications in Pure the same way as peer-reviewed journal articles. The upload procedure is the same. You may upload the full text by yourself, and indicate whether this is an author’s or a publisher’s version. 

How do I upload a publication by myself? 

To supply publications for the TU/e repository, use Pure. Take the following three simple steps: 

  • Step 1: Log into: 
    (via your TU/e account) 
  • Step 2: Register your publication's metadata 
    (Select: add new research output) 
  • Step 3: Upload pdf of your publication 
    (select: add electronic version – upload an electronic version) 

see example: 

Secretarial offices may register and upload publications in Pure too. The same procedure applies as for an author. 

How can I upload a publication, even if the article has already been registered in Pure? 

You can always upload a publication into Pure, even if it has already been registered and you are no longer able to change the metadata. The procedure differs only slightly from that for newly registered publications. Take the following steps: 

  • Step 1: Log into: (via your TU/e account) 
  • Step 2: Select publication under "my research output" 
  • Step 3: Upload pdf of your publication 
    (Select: add electronic version - upload an electronic version) 

Supplying author’s version and/or publisher’s version 

For these publications supplying the final accepted author’s version is not strictly required, but it is recommended. You may also supply a publisher’s version of your publication. 

For these publications the IEC will not check publishers’ conditions. You must therefore indicate the desired status in the "Public access to file" field while you upload. You may also indicate an embargo time limit. The IEC will make the publications available Open Access only if you have made the correct setting, and at the time of your choice. 

Need help? 

Are you having trouble registering or uploading a publication? Do you have any other questions on how to use the Pure registration system? Please contact the Pure Helpdesk via