Delivering your dissertation

At least 4 weeks ahead of your graduation you must supply to the Information Expertise Center

  • a pdf of the final version
  • the signed Statement of addition of the dissertation to the Library collection and to the TU/e Repository.
  • the signed Approval from dean for dissertation embargo (if applicable)

Please supply these items via If the file size of your dissertation is too big, please supply a download link.

At least 2 weeks ahead of your graduation you must supply to the Information Expertise Center 2 hard copies of your dissertation.
Note: For PhD students who fall within the PhD Regulations 2015 this term is 1 month.

All dissertations are normally made available to the general public. As standard procedure, hard copies of recent dissertations are placed in the printed library collection for review. Open access to the digital version is offered via the TU/e Repository.

Delivering hard copies of your dissertation to the TU/e Library

Please deliver the required 2 hard copies of your dissertation to the Library information desk (8.00 - 17.00 hrs) . You may also send these copies via office mail to MF 0.152. If your dissertation is to appear exclusively as a commercial edition, please supply 3 copies to the Library.

Sign and submit written statement

At the same time as delivering the digital file via the upload form, the doctoral graduate should submit the signed ‘Statement of Addition of Dissertation to Library Collection and to TU/e Repository’. This is to confirm that the doctoral graduate agrees with the addition of his/her dissertation to the printed Library collection and to the digital TU/e Repository.

Download written statement

Request for embargo in special cases

The Board of Doctoral Graduations has stipulated that as of 1 September 2015 all dissertations are to be made available to the public in general, unless the doctoral graduate has obtained prior permission from the dean of his/her department to deviate from this regulation. The imposition of an embargo must be communicated to the Information Expertise Center simultaneously with delivery of the hard copies and the digital file.

Valid reasons for requesting a temporary embargo are:

  • Chapters from your dissertation are still to be published as individual journal articles
  • A patent is to be applied for, based on research results described in your dissertation
  • Your dissertation is to be published as a commercial edition

 More about requesting an embargo