Is your dissertation to be published as a commercial edition? There are then some points of special attention:

Supply 2 or 3 hard copies?

  • If your dissertation is printed both as part of the standard range of TU/e dissertations and as a commercial edition, you will only need to deliver 2 copies of the standard printed version to the Library.
  • If your dissertation is to be published as a commercial edition only the Library would like to receive 3 hard copies. This situation however is quite rare.

    The third copy is destined for the Central Depot of Dutch Publications at the Royal Library in The Hague. The TU/e Library then pays the doctoral graduate a € 25,- refund.

Embargo or digital version of your dissertation?

  • Perhaps you made an agreement with your publisher which does not permit you to offer immediate open access to the digital version of your dissertation. In that case you can file a request for a temporary embargo.