Repository: digital TU/e Publications archive

Each year, TU/e staff and students bring forth approximately 4500 scientific publications. These journal articles, textbooks, book chapters, conference papers, academic orations, dissertations and masters' theses are all kept in the TU/e Repository . The TU/e Repository now comprises over 100,000 full-text publications.

Access to full text

In by far most cases you will find full-text electronic versions of publications in the TU/e Repository.  These electronic versions are offered to the general public as often as possible (open access). If a publisher does not permit Open Access the electronic version will be available campus-only. This means only TU/e staff and students who are logged into the TU/e Network may view the full text of publications, while those who wish to view the text but who are not connected to TU/e will be referred to the electronic versions on the publishers' website.

Contributing to TU/e Repository

As a TU/e staff member, you may upload your own publications into the TU/e Repository by using Pure.