Search help: articles, standards and patents

Search help for articles

How to quickly find the full text of a journal article:

  • If you find a reference to an interesting article in a bibliographic database or a different information retrieval system, you will often find as well a link to the full article in pdf provided by the publisher.
  • You can look up the article straightaway in LibrarySearch. If it is in the TU/e collection you find a direct link to the full text.
  • If you can't find a link to full text via a direct link to the publisher, then Google Scholar may still offer an alternative.  

If all this is not the case you can file a request to have the book or article sent over from outside TU/e. However, a fee is charged for this service. To find out more go to Requesting publications from elsewhere.

Publications from TU/e itself you can best look up in the TU/e Repository.

Further service:

  • DOI when bibliographic data are known
    When you have a *)bibliographic reference of an article, and you wish to know if article is available in full text, fill out data in CrossRef search screen. You will obtain DOI number (Digital Object Identification) of requested article
    *) Bibliographic reference = data like author, title, year of publication etc. ISBN and ISSN numbers are not recommended as search keys, as these do not yet yield good results.
  • Find article when you have DOI
    To find full text of article when you know DOI, enter DOI in search window on page

Search help for technical standards

NEN Standards

The TU/e Library no longer possesses a collection of printed NEN standards.
Check the website of NEN, the Dutch office of technical standards, to make sure a standard is available. On request of and on payment by a department or subdepartment incidental orders for NEN standards can be placed. Contact secretary of your own department/subdepartment.

Architectural standards

The BRIS Warenhuis database (in Dutch) contains full-text NEN standards related to Dutch building and construction legislation.

ANSI Standards

ANSI standards in the field of Electrical Engineering are available in full text in database IEEE Xplore: Standards.

IEEE Standards

All IEEE standards are available in full text in database IEEE Xplore: Standards.

SAE Standards

SAE Digital Library includes abstracts of SAE standards.

IEC Standards

No longer in Library collection.

More about standards

Information resources on technical standards

Search help for patents

Patents constitute an important information resource for scientific research. Checking whether patent information on a subject to be researched is available is therefore strongly recommended.

Protect your idea through Intellectual Property (IP) Officers of the TU/e Innovation Lab

Databases Patents and information

Derwent Innovations Index

Internet sources

ECLA European Classification System
IPC International Patent Classification
IPC Dutch version
Fresh patents
European Patent Office
World Intellectual Property Organization
USPTO Web Patent Databases