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The world wide web contains an unprecedented amount of information. As a result, finding relevant information, using it, and judging its relevance and quality now requires specific information skills. During your studies you will have to write research papers and articles about your projects, for which finding the right information is a must. Information skills are indispensable for today’s students. They enable you to recognize the type of required information and how to locate, evaluate and use the information effectively to support your mode of study or research. 

For Bachelor Students

One of the Professional skills you must acquire during your Bachelor program is indeed Information Skills. The Information Skills are training is normally embedded in one of the courses of your major. 

  • During your first year you will get acquainted with scientific databases and you will learn how to create an efficient search process by formulating effective search queries in which relevant and alternative search terms are combined by using operators. Once you have found results, we will teach you how to evaluate whether those results are relevant for your research. You will also gain an understanding of what it means to conduct research with 'scientific integrity'.

  • During your second year you will learn how to search methodologically and efficiently. You will analyze your topic to determine relevant and alternative search terms and you will learn how to write search queries that will gather relevant results. You will also learn how to evaluate these search results on their relevance and reliability. Furthermore, you will be taught how to use Mendeley in order toto organize your references and to use as a citation help in your writing. 

  • During you third year you will you understand and apply the rules for citing and referencing sources, organize references in a structured way using a Reference Management tool (Mendeley), Evaluate evaluate a Reference Management tool. , and Llearn how to insert the citations and bibliography in a Word or LaTeX/Overleaf document. You will apply your knowledge in your literature research during the Bachelor End Project. 

For Master students

The LIS education team also offers a course for master’s students. If you completed your bachelor’s degree at TU/e and would like to freshen up your knowledge on information literacy, this course might be of use to you. If you have completed your bachelor’s degree at a different university than TU/e or abroad this course can provide you with the skills to make literature research for your master’s thesis more effective and efficient.  

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