Open consultation on the National Program Open Science 2030 Ambition Document

The National Program Open Science (NPOS) has published the NPOS2030 Ambition Document for open consultation. The aim of the consultation is to give all stakeholders the opportunity to reflect on the national ambition for Open Science as described in the NPOS2030 Ambition Document. The consultation will be open until the 22nd of December 2021 (17:00).

NPOS background
NPOS was initiated in 2017 by a large group of stakeholders within the Netherlands. Since then, Open Science has progressed in many aspects: more Dutch stakeholders joined NPOS, new aspects and dimensions of Open Science emerged, European Open Science Cloud was launched on the international level and UNESCO issued a Recommendation on Open Science that has been adopted by 193 Member States. All these developments, and the new insights they brought with them, have been incorporated in this NPOS2030 Ambition Document, which will form the first chapters of the new NPOS2030 Program Description.