A new Library information system

The TU/e Library will be making a transition to a new library information system on Monday 3 July.
Please note: In view of this operation

  • book lending will be suspended from 26 June – 2 July. Making reservations for books on loan will also not be possible during this period.
  • on Monday 3 July work in progress on the library website; creating hyperlinks to the new search interface

As from 3 July, a new interface for literature research will be introduced, called LibrarySearch. The current library catalogue as well as the Discovery Focus will be shut down.

LibrarySearch features search options that may be compared to those in Focus. There are differences, but we expect that most users will soon be accustomed to the new search method. Just as when you search for a full text in Focus, you will in most cases once you find a book or journal article immediately see a button via which you can click further to the text. And if TU/e has no license for such a publication, then you may just as in the past submit a request for document delivery via inter-library loan.

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