Practical information

The TU/e Library in MetaForum building

Everyone, whether TU/e student or staff member or not, may visit the TU/e Library and consult its collection. In the TU/e Library you will find an extensive and up-to-date collection of scientific information.

A completely renewed and centralized TU/e Library was inaugurated in the MetaForum building in September 2012: an inspiring place to study, meet fellow students and work together, offering a wealth of information resources.
Over 950 study seats are divided over silence zones near the book collection and places where students may study together in groups while discussing their work.
All study seats are equipped with wireless Internet.
Library users may check books out of and back into the Library using a self-service lending system.

The Digital Library offers

  • access to the collection
  • access to your personal loans
  • data supporting software, e.g. Mendeley and Reference Manager
  • user guides and tips for various information resources
  • information about copyright, Open Access publishing, Research Data Management and contributing to the TU/e Repository
  • our e-mail alert service to keep up-to-date with new publications

The Library is a part of the TU/e Information Expertise Center