The TU/e Library offers access to a wide range of printed and digital scientific journals from different publishers. You can access the collection at the MetaForum building or via a remote location with a VPN connection or the proxy server. You can use the LibrarySearch to browse through the journal collection by subject. By logging in to the library search you immediately will get access to the full text of the articles.

Besides the Library search, there are two different tools that can help you to search for journals and articles.

First, if you would like to have an overview of the current electronic journal subscriptions, the Journal list A-Z is your best option. By clicking a journal title, you go to that journal’s start page. Continue your search within the journal publisher’s interface.

Second, the Library offers the Browzine list of journals tool. BrowZine is a searchable collection of e-journals that includes most TU/e subscriptions. Browse, find, read, and monitor the main journals on your subject. Make your personal choice from the TU/e journal collection and receive automatic notification as soon as new articles appear. These journals you may read online, put on your digital book shelve, download and save for later off-line reading, export to Mendeley, Endnote, RefWorks or another reference manager software package, share via social media or e-mail, or synchronize between various versions.

Journal policy open access

Since 2015 there is a transformation of the scientific collection to Open Access. Universiteiten van Nederland (UNL, formerly VSNU) has been concluding Read and Publish (R&P) deals with large publishers since 2015. The TU/e Library wants to broaden options for TU/e researchers to comply with any funder’s requirements and therefore strives to conclude local R&P deals with small society publishers that are especially relevant for our university. The four local agreements that have been recently concluded are with: The Royal Society, Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing, Association for computing machinery (ACM), and the International Society of Optics and Photonics (SPIE). More information about these deals can be found on the Library open access webpage.

Suggestions and requests for purchase

If you have any suggestions about access to and/or publishing open access in certain scientific journals, do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to make a request for ordering (e-)journals, please use the purchase form.

Purchase from (e-)journals

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