General information about your sports card and what to do if you lose it. 

Sports card

What can you do with a sports card?
With a sports card you can practise all sports the SSC offers. This means that you can participate in all 80 lessons per week (no registration needed), you can follow any course that start every quartile (registration needed!), you can participate on your own level or recreational with one of the 38 student sport associations and you can use the SSC facilities.

For whom is the sports card?
The sports card is available for students and employees of TU/e, Fontys and Design Academy. For students and employees from other HBO or Universities we have a special settlement. We also have a special settlement for TU/e and Fontys alumni. 

Valid sports card
You can only enter the SSC when showing a valid sports card. The sports card is strictly personal. In case of misuse the sports card will be revoked. In order to use the SSC facilities and follow our sports program, you need to have a valid sports card. You only have to purchase this sports card once and then you can extend it every year.For TU/e students and - employees the Campus card functions as a sports card.

The sports card is valid until August 31st 2020, regardless of the moment of purchase. The Month card, 3 Months card, Erasmus card and the Half Year Card are an exception to this.


Prices sports card
You can buy a sports card for a student friendly price. You pay for one year, and it gives you the opportunity to exercise every day. See here what the prices are!

Buy/renew sports card
TU/e & Fontys students and employees can renew and buy their sports card online via our website. DAE and other universities can renew and buy their subscription at the SSC info desk. TU/e Alumni have to buy their sports card for the first time at the SSC info desk, from then they can renew it only online. Other subscriptions can be purchased and renewed at the SSC info desk. Here you can find more information. 

Lost sports card
In case of loss/theft of the sports card you need to buy a new one. You will be charged € 5,00 for this duplicate.


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