Great willingness among TU/e alumni for reciprocal connection

In the spring of 2021 we asked you to participate in a study into the willingness and possibilities of a reciprocal connection between TU/e and its alumni. 2350 alumni responded. They provided us with important information, for which we are very grateful. Connection is about personal contact, between alumni and TU/e employees, between alumni and students and between alumni themselves.

66.5% of the respondents indicate that they would like to maintain (continued) contact with TU/e employees. The relationship with the (people within the) faculties play a special role in this. There appears to be a great willingness to stay in contact with the university on the basis of reciprocity. Approximately 67% of the respondents indicate that they want to make a voluntary contribution to education, research or entrepreneurship within the university in one or more ways. One of the things that TU/e has recently given back to alumni is the alumni portal TU/e InTouch, which allows alumni to stay in touch with each other, you can read more about this portal in this newsletter. As a university, we would like to keep in touch with you about the connection with each other.