Interview - Thijs van Stiphout

"The key to better working is not just what you know or who you know today, it’s who you get to know!" 

Thijs van Stiphout

Age: 28
Degree program: Applied Physics 
Current position: Sales Support Engineer at Canon Production Printing

What is your fondest memory of your student days?
"I have many wonderful memories of my time as a student, but the international study trip to Singapore & Malaysia with Van Der Waals study association, in particular, left me with a great many fantastic memories."

What is your favorite memory of life on campus? 
"My favorite memory of life on campus is of orientation week of my first year. A fantastic week, when you got to know the university, the degree program, your fellow students and, of course, student life and Stratumseind. Our Intro group is practically still intact and we still arrange to meet up quite regularly. It brought me new friends with whom I shared a many a fine time while on campus, and still do today."

What is the most important thing you learned at TU/e? 
"For me, the most important thing is how I have grown personally. Taking initiative and a high degree of independence are two core values that are paramount to me. In my case, student life was always a combination of studying at the TU/e and doing various jobs, including organizing semi-professional events. The university's way of teaching encouraged self-initiative and a high degree of independence, which also enabled me to develop further in my private life. This is something I still benefit from in my current position."

What is the added value for you of being an active member of an alumni community? 
"Networking. The opportunity to get to know new people in a worldwide network, to seek common ground and to learn from each other's experiences. This has led to some valuable relationships and helps me further my own (career) development. “The key to better working is not just what you know or who you know today, it’s who you get to know,” certainly holds true for me."

How do you stay in contact with the TU/e? 
"As well as regularly meeting up with TU/e student friends, I also keep in contact with TU/e through my employer, Canon Production Printing, by participating in various projects, including the TU/e contest. I myself am involved in that as business coach."


About alumni

Alumni of TU/e are all heroes, each in their own way. Some are more visible than others, but all are equally valuable. Many alumni still have a warm relationship with the university. They stay connected. Some give guest lectures or share knowledge by coaching students, for example. Others give a donation that contributes to research or talent development. In this series of interviews, we seek out alumni and ask them the following question: how did TU/e shape you into the person you are today?