Constructions on TU/e Campus

The TU/e is working on a modern, green campus.Due to the construction of the TU/e Campus (which will be ready in 2020) and events organized in the aforementioned area, certain locations sometimes may be less accessible.

Whenever areas at the TU/e Campus are less accessible, we will list the locations and dates on this page.

Charging stations on campus

On the campus 24 new charging points will be placed to charge electric cars.
There will be 2 charging stations (4 charging points) in parking lot P12 next to Vertigo and 10 charging stations (20 charging points) in parking lot P1 next to the Auditorium.
The charging stations will be operational before the Christmas vacations, provided everything goes according to schedule.

For this purpose, from December 5 through December 23, some parking spaces will be closed at P12.
From December 12 through December 23, this will also apply to P1.

Alternative parking areas include P5A, 5B (next to Aurora), P11 (next to Fenix) and P9 (next to former Pavilion).

The new charging stations are for public use.

Half road closure De Zaale week 46, 47 and 48

From 14 November until 4 December inclusively, there will be a half road closure of the Zaale. Heijmans will be busy connecting the sewers from Neuron to the sewers under De Zaale. 

In week 46 and 47, preparatory work will start and manholes will be placed.
In week 48, all will be finished and repaved.