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The MetaForum building, located in the center of the campus, is attractive, tempting, extrovert, light and spatial. It accommodates all kinds of study facilities for students of all the departments. In the building you find a transition from a dynamic to a concentration zone. As you enter the facilities center you come upon a bubbling working and information environment, and towards the rear things become calmer and you find places for concentrated and individual work. The in-house library stretches across 3 floors. The farther you go to the rear and down, the quieter the room is and the easier it is to concentrate. All teaching spaces in the facilities center have been clustered and are transparent without any distraction from the environment. They can be used in many functions, for instructions and workshops, for individual, concentrated work and for group work.

Original building period (W-hal): 1958 – 1963 (Design: ir. S.J. Van Embden)

The original W-hal from 1963 was designed by ir. S.J. van Embden. The transformation of this former W-hal into MetaForum marked a change in the attitude of the university towards its architectural heritage. This building was intended to be the showpiece of TU/e and a bubbling, flexible and sustainable working and learning environment. Sustainability is of paramount importance to the university. That explains why flexibility and multifunctionality are important starting points for its design, as well as energy-efficient building and sound material use.

Renovation/building period: 2008 – 2012 (Design: Ector Hoogstad Architecten)

Technically, the renovation of the W-hal in 2008 was an appealing project. On top of the W-hal a building extending across five floors has been realized, which accommodates the department of Mathematics and Computer Science. This section is underpinned by steel columns ‘pricking’ through the roof of the W-hal. It features a central atrium surrounded by groups of offices, education and meeting rooms. A distinction has been created between a dynamic and open zone and a quiet, more secluded zone. Rooms are efficient, effective, and flexible in use.

MetaForum was realized in and on top of the former “W-hal”, which has been preserved and transformed. The roof structure on the old W-hal is a special architectural feature. In 2018 the W-hal was given the status of a listed building. 20 to 25% of its surface benefited the green central area, named the “Groene Loper”. In the project it was mandatory that historically valuable elements of the original W-hal should be incorporated. The typical walkway system was maintained, as was the concept of floor 1 as the general communication level of the university.

MetaForum has won various awards

  • FIABCI National Prix d’Excellence Awards The Netherlands 2013
  • International award: LEAF Award 2013
  • Gulden Feniks 2013
  • Honorable mention for Gebouw van het Jaar 2013 at election BNA-prijs

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